Limited vocational training was available to WomanKind’s emergency shelter residents.


Created 12-session program that challenged residents to plan and pitch for an event that aligned with their vocational aspirations.  This experience was then added to their resumes to enhance their candidacy.

“The work that Shine Foundation has done has been tremendously supportive of the Residents and staff of New York Asian Women’s Center.  One of the staff working closely with Shine, in facilitating the groups, expressed the new perspective that Shine provided on interacting with the clients.  They assisted in building a sense of community not only among the residents but also among the staff.  Due to the activities and that were planned all that were involved had an opportunity to learn not just the content being presented but also to learn about the other participants in the group, creating a sense of  collaboration and camaraderie that would have been difficult to support in any other way.”  – Alena Victor, Director of Shelter Operations, WomanKind (formerly NYAWC)