Partner Site Request

If you’re interested in requesting our services for your facility and clients, please contact Lisa Nann by filling out the form below.

(Please provide some basic information about your organization including its social mission and budget. Please note your organization’s web address, if applicable.)

(Summarize the issue/concern that you'd like the project to solve.)

(Describe what your organization hopes to accomplish with the project.)

(Please indicate what materials – such as reports, templates, plans, etc. – you would want created as a result of this engagement.)

(Please note if there are any specific time/date requirements for when the project must commence and / or finish by, as well as any potential plans for continuation beyond this project timeframe.)

(Please provide a brief profile of the participants' financial and vocational needs, so that we may tailor our approach accordingly. Examples of needs include outlining clients' situations (e.g., single parent, looking for a job, employed, etc.) and difficulties (e.g., trouble paying bills, credit issues, runs out of food stamps, no budgeting knowledge, etc.)

(To ensure the success of the project for your organization and our volunteers, we'd like to inquire after support and supplies for our sessions. Please check all that you can provide.)

(If the answer is yes, please send the paperwork to the person who provided you with this survey.)