Shine Foundation is a NYC-based nonprofit on a mission to empower survivors of domestic violence through financial literacy. We deliver group workshops on everything from building credit to saving money. With the help of a diverse network of volunteers, we have assisted over 600 survivors in only 5 years. We invite you to join us in helping more survivors thrive, financially!

We are looking for facilitators who are engaging, energetic and can make financial content exciting and fun! Successful facilitators understand the importance of engagement and user experience in the teaching process and have the client’s interests in mind.

Shine assigns selected facilitators to emergency shelter sites throughout NYC, prepares volunteers in a 4-hour intensive training and provides facilitators with a trauma-informed financial curriculum.  In return, we’re looking for facilitators to deliver the curriculum at the assigned sites.


  • Facilitate classes
  • Conduct research and preparation for classes
  • “Lead” the program
  • Create/Edit lesson plans and activities, as needed

What makes a volunteer successful?

Building trust with our clients is critical.  While every volunteer and survivor are different, a combination of the following has helped volunteers be successful:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. By this, we mean an individual who genuinely likes to engage with others, has an innate curiosity about those around him/her and has a knack for simplifying complex content (i.e. avoiding jargon talk!)
  • A high level of empathy to be able to connect with clients
  • Adapting and thinking on one’s feet. Unexpected things happen in class, and we rely on our volunteers to exhibit a certain level of calm and flexibility when handling these sudden changes
  • Introspective humility; that is, being able to objectively reflect and think about the potential unintended consequences of one’s actions
  • Creativity to explore fun ways to deliver a class
  • Working well in a team environment
  • Roll-up-your-sleeves, can-do attitude. We highly encourage volunteers to take initiative and actively contribute to Shine’s growth as needed
  • Bonus: 3+ years of prior experience working with similar client population OR prior facilitation/teaching experience


  • Timeframe: Min. 1-year preferred
  • Weekly commitment: 1 to 4 hours (varies by person and team)

Recruitment Process:

We invite all prospective volunteers to join us for a 30-45-minute virtual webinar. (Note: Kindly be prepared to view a deck online in the webinar.) Following the webinar and depending on mutual interest, we then proceed with an online application and 1-on-1 interview. Details to be provided in webinar.

Please click here to sign up for an online info session