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I am prepared to take action to increase my credit score and pay down my debt.

I have taken action to increase my credit score and pay down my debt.

I have more control of my finances.



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Shine Success Stories

Clients and Survivors

“[The Shine Foundation facilitator] was very helpful. She was the first person to listen to my problems with concern and offer some suggestions. I felt like I was finally getting the help I’ve been looking for genuine advice on budgeting.”

— Shine client and survivor


“Shine has been very helpful. I have not worked for 10 years, and I was worried about getting back into the job market. Shine has helped me put a resume together and taught be about interview skills. When I first arrived at the center I was in a very bad place, but Shine and the counseling has helped me to see that I do have a future to fight for.”

— Shine client and survivor


“The Shine Foundation has taught me how to save money, how to spend it (wisely), how to write a resume, and how to find a job. Before Shine, if I had $10, I would have spent it within a matter of seconds. Now I know how to save and use that $10 for my future.”

— Shine client and survivor


“Shine changed my life. They showed me that I was capable of managing money. With Shine’s help, my credit score went up 15 points, and I was able to pay of 3 of my 5 credit cards. I also lowered my APR from 24.9% to 6% on one card. On another card, I get no APR for 11-months, all because I used the principles taught to me by Shine.”

— Shine client and survivor


“Shine is like a match. When you’re surrounded by darkness, the light that Shine gives, however small, makes all the difference.”

— Shine client and survivor

Volunteer Testimonials

“The unexpected part I found with Shine was that I really enjoy the people that I’m doing it with. We have a genuinely good time with each other. It’s a lot of smart people that are putting their heads together for the same cause. Putting 10 people together to do this work but also who genuinely enjoy each other is something I didn’t see coming.”

— Shine Volunteer


“I got hooked from the start. Meeting the women I did my program with was a very eye opening experience. The facility was small. It had 10 residents and by the end of the session we’d connected with 5 of them. Even if it was a smaller group I really believed in what we were doing and to the potential impact that we could have. It seemed really important.”

— Shine Volunteer


“Volunteer with Shine has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only did I get to see our clients take tangible steps towards financial independence but I also had the opportunity to work with some of the nicest and smartest volunteers”

— Shine Volunteer


“I love the fact we’re helping to empower our clients. Financial abuse is often overlooked. There are lots of steps to freedom and we’re giving survivors the tools to break free and succeed.”

— Shine Volunteer


“Working in groups and hearing survivor’s stories have inspired me the most. It’s being able to work through their experiences and help them fight for themselves and their children. It makes me think I can fight through anything as well. It’s easy to accept circumstances but these survivors fight and it’s incredible to see that.”

— Shine Volunteer

Partner Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with Shine on financial literacy for our residents. They are very thoughtful in their programming. Shine’s volunteers work with women who range from having very few financial resources to full time jobs, all in one group. This has led to a dynamic where the women have not only learned from Shine, but also from one another. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

— Barrier Free Living


“The work that Shine Foundation has done has been tremendously supportive of the residents and staff. They assisted in building a sense of community not only among the residents but also among the staff. All involved had an opportunity to learn not just the content being presented but also to learn about the other participants in the group, creating a sense of collaboration and camaraderie that would have been difficult to support in any other way.”

— WomanKind