Meet Our Writers

Antonio Gonzales

A successful hairstylist who last worked at Orl’o Salon in the Meatpacking District of NYC and the introspective mind behind, Antonio has been featured in world-class magazines for his skills and vision.  Allure magazine named him as one of the “Best Hair Cuts in NYC,” Vogue labeled him “…a rising star,” and Gotham magazine called him a “shear genius.”  Since 2009, Antonio has enjoyed taking part in NYC’s Fashion Week, together with his boss and mentor Orlando Pita.  Antonio’s second passion is his volunteer work for hospices, transitional homes for girls, women’s shelters and homeless shelters for families.  Antonio has created one platform with one voice, to inspire and educate people on the beauty of fashion and the beauty of helping those experiencing life’s difficulties.  He believes that a makeover has to start with the inside…that the first step to transformation and real happiness starts by becoming aware of your inner beauty.

Jennifer Hillman

Jennifer is a licensed speech-language pathologist, producer of the AWARD-WINNING educational DVD, “The Five B’s,” mother of two and an active advocate and speaker for sexual abuse prevention education in the home, churches and in schools.  For more information on this topic and Jennifer’s AWARD-WINNING educational DVD on empowering children about body safety in order to prevent sexual abuse, go to

Rikki Alrutz

Rikki has over 15 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industries.  Currently, she is the Director of Yoga and Pilates at Middlesex Hospital P&BC in CT.  Rikki works as a Movement Therapist, Doula, Yoga and Pilates teacher, Tennis coach, and is a NASM weight-loss specialist.  Rikki developed her own trademarked program, Aerobic-lates®, which is one of the fastest growing fitness classes in the country.