Our mission is to improve the financial health of homeless abuse survivors in NYC.

Why “Financial Health”?

  • 98% of all U.S. domestic violence cases involve some form of financial abuse
  • 74% of abuse survivors stay in abusive relationships longer due to financial concerns
  • Domestic violence is the 3rd leading cause of poverty in the U.S.

Our Solution

We provide financial and vocational education to survivors, directly in or affiliated with domestic violence agencies, through an iterative, collaborative process of:

  1. Partnering with domestic violence agencies to determine the agency’s and survivors’ needs
  2. Designing adaptive financial and vocational workshops, based on the agency’s and survivors’ needs
  3. Delivering workshops, with ongoing feedback and communication between agency staff, survivors and our volunteers


In the past two years, we have:

  • Served 200 survivors and their families in local domestic violence shelters and centers
  • Donated $55,000+ in services  to advancing the financial health of survivors
  • Delivered 24 financial projects to survivors
  • All on a 100% volunteer basis with no staff

Check out our 2016 annual report for more info!