Why We Exist

98% of domestic abuse cases involve some form of financial abuse. Limited financial literacy is also a leading reason that survivors stay in or return to their abusive relationships.

Yet, few financial solutions exist to help survivors of abuse get back on their feet, financially. That’s where Shine comes in.

Our Approach

We meet our members “where they are,” emotionally, physically, and financially.
For every financial program we…


1. Partner with local emergency shelters and sites to help their members.

2. Meet members to determine their top financial concerns in 3 primary areas: budgeting, credit repair and job readiness.

3. Build monthly sets of classes based on concerns. Classes typically take place on a weekly or biweekly basis.

4. Deliver classes to members directly at the emergency shelter, center or housing site.

5. Revise classes based on feedback.

Sample Classes

Extra Credit: a discussion on what credit is and how to improve it

Money and Mocktails: a fun-filled financial literacy night where Shine’s volunteers engaged survivors in discussions on resolving their financial concerns

Savvy Savings: a sharing of budgeting tips and savings resources

Zumba and Savings: a program that incorporated savings tips and goal setting into Zumba workout classes

Meet the Team

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization of individuals of various backgrounds, but we share one common thread: our passion for helping abuse survivors.


Board of Directors

Jennifer Tan, MBA, MPH
Founder and Executive Director

Alen Amini, MBA, MPA

Amal Mgaresh, MBA

Marshall Corey, MBA

Karen Werbel, MBA

Shayla Madramootoo, MSW


Operations Committee

Jennifer Tan
Lisa Nann
Sabrina Liu
Lucas Gerber
Coli Bacharach
Ashley Crone
Ebony Anderson
Taylor Guiffre
Kate Burke
Sarah Zhukovsky
Alex Horenstein
Dustin Vietzke