Using Technology…to get happy!

By Marianelli Agbulos

They say happiness is a state of mind where you appreciate everything.  However, the business of our everyday lives makes it challenging to be thankful for the little moments that happen in a day.  For our own sanity and well-being, those moments need to be recorded and shared with someone so that they can feel happy too.  The Happier app is an “emotional bookshelf” that radiates with increasing positivity as users post their happy moments.

Here’s how the Happier app works

  • Login to your account and fill out your profile.

  • Share a happy moment by clicking the “+ Share Happy” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Once you’re done sharing your happy moment, scroll through the “Featured” and “Nearby” sections to see other happy posts.  You can “like” each post by giving it a “smile” and/or a comment.

As founder of Happier, Nataly Kogan, stressed in her TEDxBoston Talk: “Research has shown (focusing on the positive things in life and sharing that with people) makes people less stressed, more productive, less anxious, less depressed, helps kids learn better in school, and helps employees be more productive at work. If you do this consistently, it can help you have less colds and have 50% fewer heart attacks.”

As you scroll through Happier, it doesn’t matter that the person you gave a “smile” to is a stranger – all that matters is that you’re happy for that person and you’re giving him/her virtual support.  I like how Happier reminds me of the importance of the “happy little moments” in life, and to not be so easily sucked into the negativity of a situation.  We celebrate big moments and national holidays, but why don’t we change that and make everyday a celebration?

Happiness is meant to be shared, and not kept to ourselves.  There is no better way to commemorate National Happiness Happens Month than by downloading the Happier app and sharing your happy moments.  Admit it, even reading about the Happier app is making you happy 🙂

Happier is available to download for free in the iPhone and Android app stores. 

Image source: Happier