Finding Beauty Within You….and Not in a Bottle

By Antonio Gonzales

How many times have you heard the following claim for a hair product: Buy this hair mask!  It will repair broken, damaged hair, instantly leaving you looking and feeling beautiful.

Or…”This shampoo will leave your hair super clean while conditioning and repairing it so you can strut down the street with confidence.

Or, how about that hair color that’s been endorsed by a celebrity… “It’s easy to apply, repairs hair, has avocado and will make you turn heads.”

As a top hair stylist for over 15-years, one who has also undergone a personal journey to discover my own inner beauty, I disagree that a hair product can have the real ability to deliver inner beauty, or to “give you confidence and truly happy.”  I can say, with confidence, that true beauty comes from within.  I will say that after having tested hundreds of products, I’ve found my favorites for adding moisture, detangling hair and reversing the effects of damage over time.  But, I have yet to find something that can “instantly” fix it all…within a 24-hour window. It’s like finding a facial cream that will reverse wrinkles 100%, within a day. Impossible!

By the way, did you know that some of those celebrities in those haircare ads, swinging their hair back and forth, are most often wearing a wig or have enhanced their look with extensions?  I wonder if the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker would ever allow her colorist to use box color from a drug store on her? Hmmm….

Also, some seem to think that a haircut can deliver ever-lasting happiness?  It’s a comb, not a wand.  I can certainly give you a cut that perfectly frames your face, but eventually all hair grows.  I hope my clients come and go, always appreciating their inner beauty, but understanding that it is not dependent on their hair.

The point I’m trying to drive across is the amount of information that is being forced on us as consumers can leave us blind to the idea that we all have individual ways of showing beauty.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to what is considered attractive.  Have you noticed they are hardly telling us to be a better version of ourselves? (I appreciate that Dove is also trying to change this.)

So together, let’s celebrate who we are!  Let’s love who we see in the mirror and say no to advertising’s bullying mentality around beauty.  Let’s say YES to celebrating our self love, inner beauty and our journey to finding a long lasting confidence that no product company can give us.

I wish you happiness from the inside out.

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