Using Technology to…track your health!

Charity Miles
By Marianelli Agbulos

“Fitness” and “exercise” are words usually uttered and thought of with a sigh of resignation.  It’s an ongoing struggle to find the motivation to get out of the house and move. However, the Charity Miles app encourages people to exercise with purpose and earn money for charity.

Here’s a summary of how Charity Miles works:

1. Download the free app and turn it on

2. Choose a charity you want to sponsor through your exercise

3. Get moving!

Bikers earn 10 cents/mile, while runners and walkers earn 25 cents/mile

You can bike, run or walk, inside or outside, for your decided length of time, and the app tracks your workout activity.  If you don’t want to bike, run or walk, you can do other exercise activities (e.g. skipping, skating, roller blading), and choose whatever setting is most applicable to that activity.  The app tracks the charitable impact you’ve made for your chosen cause(s), which could vary from supporting veterans to raising money for different research initiatives.  

My favorite part about Charity Miles is that you are motivated on your own terms, since you choose which charity to support.  There are 28 organizations you can choose from, including Wounded Warrior Project, World Food Programme, Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA, Autism Speaks, Alzheimer’s Association, The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Special Olympics.  You can choose to stay committed to one cause; or, you can choose a few causes to support and alternate on different days. Either way, you become a sponsored athlete for an organization.

Exercise and fitness are initially all about you, but Charity Miles extends beyond that.  Once you become a Charity Miles user, you become part of this community dedicated to making a difference.  Whether it’s through walking, running or biking miles to support things, such as female education, animal vaccinations or environmental initiatives, you immediately become a part of this movement of people wanting to make a difference in the world – and that starts with just having your smartphone in hand when you go out.

There is often a story that goes along with the reason why people choose the organization(s) they support, and it’s those stories that inspire people to bike, run, or walk further than their last workout session.  Even when you’re sweaty and out of breath, knowing you’ve given an extra bit of impact makes that extra mile so worth it.

As Charity Miles founder Gene Gurkoff puts it, “Changing the world is a team sport. Together we can do more than we can by ourselves.”  With Charity Miles, you don’t have to spend any money to support an issue; all you have to do is move.  Your everyday workout becomes a daily charity race.

So, what’s your next move?

Charity Miles is available to download for free in the iPhone and Android app stores. You can learn more about the Charity Miles story here.