Call for Questions for Former Child Protective Specialist

Let’s interact!  

In order to integrate our actions against abuse, we must first learn about each other and our efforts. We are therefore launching a new series, where we feature and interact with our peers “from the field,” with direct experience dealing with and/or managing cases of abuse.  Let’s meet our first peer…


spent 13 years as a Child Protective Specialist (Child Abuse Investigator) for the Administration for Children Services (ACS) in NY.  While at ACS, Kerry served several years in a specialized unit investigating cases involving serious injury, sex abuse and child fatalities.  A native New Yorker, Kerry received a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the New School University, and currently resides in Brooklyn.

What questions/comments do you have for Kerry?  They could be on his time as a Child Protective Specialist, his advice, his thoughts on preventing abuse, etc.