Using Technology to…track your health!

Charity Miles

By Marianelli Agbulos “Fitness” and “exercise” are words usually uttered and thought of with a sigh of resignation.  It’s an ongoing struggle to find the motivation to get out of the house and move. However, the Charity Miles app encourages people to exercise with purpose and earn money for charity. Here’s a summary of how Charity […]

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Marianelli Agbulos: Turn the other cheek for Somaly Mam

It was about two months ago that Newsweek shared their investigative piece on discrepancies found in Somaly Mam’s life story.  Like many others, I was shocked and unsure how to handle this sudden news.  Here was an anti-human trafficking activist I admired, going from “hero” to “villain.”   Since the downfall of Somaly’s good graces, most media outlets have […]

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Call for Questions for Former Child Protective Specialist

Let’s interact!   In order to integrate our actions against abuse, we must first learn about each other and our efforts. We are therefore launching a new series, where we feature and interact with our peers “from the field,” with direct experience dealing with and/or managing cases of abuse.  Let’s meet our first peer… Kerry spent […]

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